Race Info

May 25, 2020 - Huntsville, Alabama

7:00 AM 10K Start Time
9:00 AM 5K Start Time
10:00 AM 1 Mile Fun Run Start Time


  • Online registration begins February 12, 2020.
  • There will be no registration on race day.
  • The 1-mile fun run is primarily for kids 10 and under, but adults may run or walk with kids.
  • ChronoTrack "B-tag" timing will be used for the 10K and 5K races.
  • We have received police approval for walkers to participate in the 5K, but if walkers have not finished the 5K in 50 minutes, they will be asked to move to the sidewalk at that time to finish.
  • Be patriotic -  wear RED, WHITE, & BLUE!

There will be one finish line on Church Street for both 5K and 10K.

Contact Donna Palumbo, Race Director, for information at: runcottonrow@gmail.com.


Due to liability insurance requirements and for your safety and the safety of runners around you the following are not allowed during the race: strollers, baby joggers, skateboards, bicycles, animals, roller blades, unauthorized vehicles, unentered runners, etc. In addition the use of headphones is strongly discouraged. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


There will be one finish line on Clinton Street, west of the start line.

If you have entered both the 10K and the 5K you will wear your 10K number and timing tag for the 10K race and your 5K number and timing tag for the 5K race. In order to provide accurate timing, please wear only one number and timing tag at a time. Wearing both devices in either race will impair timing accuracy.
Runners MUST be wearing their official race number on the front to be eligible for Prize Money or Awards (actually all need to wear them visible on their front, regardless of winning). Details of the finish line system will be covered in the race instructions in the Race Packet.


A computerized finish line system using the timing tag reader will provide a means for fast and accurate timing of all finishers. This year there is a timing mat at the start line for the 10K and 5K races, but all overall awards will be based on "gun" times.

Team Competition

There are both Corporate and Open team competitions for this year’s Cotton Row 10K! The Corporate Cup is for employees of the same corporation and the first place winners of the men’s, women’s, and coed categories will bring back a trophy back to their organization for permanent display and pride ($25/team entry fee in addition to individual entry fees). The Open Team Competition is for any group of friends, classmates, church group, etc., who would like to run together as team to add even more fun to the race, and will also have men’s, women’s, and coed categories with awards for the winners. There is no additional charge for open teams. Each team is required to have 3 to 5 members, and the top three times (at least one of each sex for the coed category) are scored. Please scan the appropriate section in the linked instructions (HERE) on how to register your team. And don’t worry – if you’ve already registered, you can still get on a team (see instructions)!



3 to 5 male runners per team


3 to 5 female runners per team


Same rules as above but at least one team member must be female, and must be scored.


Same rules as above but no team fee


ARMY, NAVY, MARINE CORPS, AIR FORCE and WAR VETERANS help us honor our veterans by carrying your Military Flag (Platoon, etc.) or the American Flag at Cotton Row. Runners are encouraged to dress in red, white and blue.


COTTON ROW RUN 10K, 5K (one if running both 10K and 5K) and 1-Mile T-shirts will be given to ALL RUNNERS WITH THEIR RACE PACKET.


PEPSI COLA, supplier of post-race drinks, will provide free soft drinks to all runners.
PURITY DAIRIES, supplier of post-race ice cream bars, will provide free ice cream bars to all runners. (DELETE)
DOMINO'S PIZZA (Valley Pizza, Inc.), supplier of post-race pizza, will provide free pizza to all runners.
Bruegger's Bagels, supplier of post-race bagels, will provide free bagels to all runners.
Publix markets is a supplier of post-race refreshments.