Cotton Row Team Competitions

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Team Competition

The Cotton Row Team Competition includes two team events, the “10K Corporate Cup” and the “Open Competition”. The Corporate Cup is aimed at company-sponsored teams to help encourage our business community to become involved with fitness in North Alabama. The fee for each team is $25 and the winners of the Men’s, Women’s, and Coed divisions all bring home a fabulous cup that is great for public display. The “Open Competition” is for any group of friends who just want to compete together to add some more fun to the event. There’s no extra charge for the open teams, and the winners of Men’s and Women’s divisions bring home individual Cotton Row Medals. All teams must have between 3 and 5 people, where the top 3 times are scored, with at least one for each sex for coed teams.

To register for the CR and a team, go to
and scroll down till you get to the words “please scan the appropriate section for instructions” and hit the link to get detailed instructions on how to register for either type of team. You can even register first and then come back and get on a team later.

We believe that a strong team competition will help corporations get more involved in the community, encourage fitness, and make the Cotton Row more fun for everybody. So bring the attached flyer to your company wellness program and encourage them to sponsor a team, or create one yourself!