Cotton Row Team Competitions

All Team members must register individually for the 10k race! Team registration will open on March 1.

Team Competition

We have the enhanced the Cotton Row Corporate Team Competition and have added an Open Team Competition as well for this year’s Cotton Row 10K! The Corporate Cup is for employees of the same corporation and the winners of the men’s, women’s, and coed category will bring back a trophy back to their organization for permanent display and pride ($25/team entry fee in addition to individual entry fees). The open team competition is for any group of friends, classmates, church group, etc., who would like to run together as team to add even more fun to the race, and will also have men’s, women’s, and open categories with awards for the winners, and there is no additional charge for open teams. Each team is required to have between 3 and 5 members, and the top three times (at least one of each sex for the coed category) are scored.

All Team Members must register individually for the 10k race! Register your team HERE MARCH 1st and enter the same names / email contact information as their individual registrations so that we can match up the team members.